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Laser cutting, as you all know has become the to go process to cutting due to the convenience, ease, and quality of output it provides. As soon as the manufacturers embraced this form laser cutting, different types of laser cutting technologies followed. Plasma cutting, CO2 Laser cutting, Fiber laser cutting became some of the widely used metal cutting techniques.

For a long time now, fiber laser cutting machines have earned quite a lot of reputation due to the number of benefits they provide. They've proved to be better as compared to Co2 laser machines that ask for a lot of maintenance. The costs spent behind lasing gases, beam delivery bellows, and mirrors have also died down. Not just that, the overall productivity speeds have also gone up.

There are times when you might have to invest into Mazak or Bystronic Laser Parts for your fiber lasers but the chances are much less with the kind of outputs they provide. So, what are the other benefits that Fiber lasers can provide you with? Let's find out:

Offer Enhanced Consistency

The operators of fiber lasers are always raving about the kind of consistency that Fiber lasers offer. The best part about them is that one hardly needs to adjust the parameters and there is also a difference in material quality. As fiber doesn't need short term degradation like mirror-based optics of CO2, operator doesn't need to make many adjustments for maintaining the edge quality.

Also, there is no beam alignment needed as all the parameters remain consistent for long time. Whenever you need to undertake a cutting task, all you need to do is turn the system on and it starts working immediately. No need to wait for the laser to produce vacuum, warm up the optics or cycle the gases. So, make the most out of laser's working as quickly as you switch the lights on and off.

No Maintenance Needed

Although fiber laser doesn't use mirrors for beam delivery or generation purposes, the machine availability time has substituted the time that goes into re-aligning, cleaning, or replacing optics. Also, one doesn't need beam delivery systems like bellow systems as one doesn't have to spend time on replacing or checking these systems.

Furthermore, you do not need to make nozzle alignments as they come with a fixed focal length and cutting head. There's also no need to changing filter or Vacuum Bellows Hose pump as fiber laser doesn't have these components. As you can eliminate the above given maintenance tasks, fiber laser offers more machine availability for production time.

Cut Reflective Metals with Ease

With traditional lasers, reflective materials are always an issue. At times, laser bounces off the reflective material and does a lot of damage to the laser cutting machine. Hence, when it comes to cutting metals like copper, brass and aluminium, Fiber Optic Cables become the first and the most preferred choice.

When it comes to Fiber lasers, it is better not to undermine its features and forget its benefits. This is because the technology is not just cost-effective and faster to operate but also asks for less maintenance by offering more productivity and availability. You can easily find Mazak laser parts for your Fiber lasers as and when you want. And just like every spare part of the laser, they are sure to provide the value for money.

We hope that the above given points provided you with enough insights on the benefits of Fiber lasers. However, it is always advisable to conduct R&D and know about the machinery in detail before you invest into it. Buy from the best!

Steve M Glassner is the General manager of Alternative Parts Inc, the leading manufacturer and distributor of machine parts for Bystronic Laser Parts and Mazak Laser Parts.Steve is a Machine Tools industry enthusiast and frequently writes about various aspects of the industry.

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