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The electrolytic moisture sensor utilised by Systech Illinois employs the nicely recognized phosphorus pentoxide theory for accurate willpower of trace concentrations of humidity in inert gasoline streams.

Principle of Operation
The technique is termed coulometric hygrometry. It is a major standard and does not need to have calibration. According to Faradays regulation of electrolysis the current generated by electrolysis of drinking water can de immediately linked to its concentration.

The phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) moisture sensor is composed of a dual platinum winding fashioned about a quartz tube about 8cm lengthy. The bare platinum electrodes are coated with a slim film of P2O5. A regular DC voltage is applied throughout the windings and the resultant recent is monitored. As the fuel flows through the cell, the dampness in the gasoline stream is attracted to the P2O5 coating which is incredibly hygroscopic. The dampness migrates as a result of the film to the electrodes (platinum wires) wherever is it electrolysed. Oxygen is formed at the good electrode and hydrogen at the negative electrode. The gases diffuse back into the gas stream where they are carried out of the cell. All of the dampness in the gasoline stream is consumed as it passes by means of the mobile.

This electrolysis existing, in accordance to Faraday’s law, is directly proportional to the amount of money of humidity in the fuel stream. For that reason, a know-how of the fuel circulation amount by the sensor and the mobile present gives an complete evaluate of the humidity contained in the sample gasoline. The mathematical equation for this measurement is:

I = K1 F C + (e + B )

in which:

l = Present-day
K1 = Faraday’s Constant
F = Mass Move
C = Moisture Content material of Fuel
e = Electrolytic Qualifications Present
B = Recombination Current

An effect called recombination can occur if the carrier gas includes hydrogen or oxygen. Recombination happens mainly because the hydrogen or Oxygen Transmitters in the sample gasoline stream will combine with the hydrogen and oxygen staying produced all through electrolysis to form a different h2o molecule. This drinking water molecule is attracted all over again to the electroydes and electrolysed again, manufacturing a falsely substantial looking at.

Systech Illinois analysers have selectable gas variables which permits compensation of the looking at for gases resulting in recombination.

Cell Recoating
The P2O5 coating on the cells slowly but surely deteriorates about time, particularly for large humidity concentrations. In the end the cell will no for a longer period react to humidity and will demand recoating. The mobile requires to be sent back again to the factory for cleaning and recoating. For highest mobile lifetime it is recommended that the cells are purged with clean, dry fuel when not in use.

Simply because this measurement principle is a major measurement approach, no calibration is demanded.

However, it is important to make sure the circulation rate of the fuel stream remains at the manufacturing unit setting. Mass Flow Controllers are out there for most instruments to make sure the move charge remains regular.

Inert gases normally utilised with this form of instruments incorporate argon, nitrogen, and helium.

The apps for the dampness analyzers tumble into two industrial spots:

Gasoline Producers: for making sure products high quality
Gasoline Customers: method gas monitoring
Typical industries are Semiconductor manufacturing , Health care gases, Nuclear processing and Plastics.

The P2O5 moisture analyzers are not ideal for measurement of humidity in gases or gas mixtures that will respond with the phosphorus pentoxide in the detection mobile. These gases contain acetylene, butylene, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and propylene. In addition, gasoline mixtures made up of compounds which will assault the mobile parts must be avoided. Systech Illinois can present particular cells with a glass housing which are suitable for measurements in corrosive gases such as chlorine (Cl2) and hydrogen chloride (HCl)

Oxygen and hydrogen bring about interference with the dampness measurement. Refer to "Recombination" higher than for further details regarding moisture measurements in these gases.

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